Questions About The Features
Does the free menu have a mobile version?
Yes. Your free restaurant menu is completely responsive to any device.
Will my hours and menu show up on Google?
Yes! Your menu is completely compliant with the schema.org microtags that google and the other major search engines can read.
How easy is it to manage my menu?
Very, very, very easy. It should take about an hour to add your menu, including the time it takes to sign up.
Can I link it to Facebook?
Is this an app?
No, it is a webpage. There is no reason for an independant restaurant to have an app.
Can I change the colors and fonts?
Sorry, no, the free menu does not allow you to change the colors and fonts. However, if you upgrade, you can.
Can visitors share it on social networks?
Yes. The free menu allows your visitors to share your menu on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Also, they can push a button and print out your restaurant menu or email a link to a friend.
What support is available?
We have a support website that should answer any questions you have, and if you still can't find your answer, feel free to contact us at the email address listed on the free menu support site.
Questions About The Free Menu Offer
Why is it free?
We are a small business just like you, and sometimes you have to give away a "taste test" before you sell the whole meal.

We are very confident that our super easy system will entice you to upgrade to the full website system.

Also, we are die-hard believers in local businesses, and we have seen too many examples of large corporations and big capital ripping the heart out of communities. If all you need is a free menu, and it helps you succeed (and it will), we are proud to help.

Is there advertising?
Yes, but it is our own advertising, located at the bottom of your webpage. We specialize in web sites for small businesses, especially small businesses in small towns, and we are launching a small business web site system, and that will be advertised.
Is there a time limit on how long the free menu stays free?
No. It is free forever.
I already have a website, but the menu is too hard to keep current. Can I just link to the free menu?
Yes, that's not a problem. You can even embed your free menu directly into your existing webpage. See our page on the support website here.
Is a credit card required to sign up?
No, the free menu really is free.