We're a small business, just like your small business. No giant tech company, no corporate office in San Fran or Wall Street. We aren't a big city company claiming to understand small towns. We are in gritty Lima, Ohio somewhere between a corn field and a tank factory.

We toyed with the slogan "Our clients don't have the time for all this!" We might not use that as our official slogan, but it is built into everything we do here.

We were founded in 2012 by Brian Malloy, who is inclined to take on wildly ambitious projects, such as appraising multimillion dollar resorts by the age of 22, persuing a degree in mathematics at the age of 40 and creating us.

Now celebrating 15 years as a web developer, Mr. Malloy has a strong sense of the history of the web.

"Mobile changed everything, and it's evolution is similar to what happened years before with wireless. Remember how wireless technology brought new devices to market? The same metamorphosis is happening with "mobile". It is not, and will never be, just about smart phones. Its also about navigation systems, gaming systems, iPods, smart TV's and devices that haven't been invented yet."